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Power Pro

Expansion team Start a season using the normal settings. You can make two teams, set their uniforms, their stadium, logo, etc.

MLB Power Pros for Wii - Nintendo Game Details

If you want to do the draft yourself, the following are a few good players to look for that the CPU does not immediately sn: Closers Closers go fast in the draft.

Sony <i>Wii</i> Instruction <i>Manual</i> - ealmutuapo

Sony Wii Instruction Manual - ealmutuapo

If you are manually doing the draft, get about nine pitchers (five starters, two or three long relievers, and the last one a closer).

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You will get a quality pitcher that will get the saves instead of having to put in a reliever that does not have the kind of ss closers should have.

Mlb power pros wii manual:

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