Masm programming lab manual

Getting started with MASM and Visual Studio 2013 - Kip

Full details about the x86 instruction set are available in the Intel Architecture reference manuals.

LAB MANNUAL - Dronacharya of Institutions

The two most useful are Volume I, which gives an overview of the architecture, and Volume II, which describes the instructions in excruciating detail.

UNLV CS Department Programs - Tux

X86 and MASM Overview - CSE Home

It's difficult to tell this from the various Intel and Microsoft documentation, because the x86 is backwards compatible with 20-year old processors and operating systems, and _all_ of that is described.

NASM — The Netwide Assembler - BYU ECEn 425

[MASM is available as a product for about $50 if you want to use it at home, but it is also available for free as part of the Windows 98 device driver kit on Microsoft's web site.

Masm programming lab manual:

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