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Fortunately there is another tool to boost your Asus Eee PC into turbo mode. ; You may omit Name in case you want to hide profile from the menu, however it will still be used as an ; intermediate value.

Asus Eee PC 901 Linux Manual

Profiles = 0,30,53; 25,58,54; 30,62,59; 35,64,62; 40,70,64; 50,75,65; 60; 70; 80; 90; 100,90,75; Backlht. ; List consists of blocks “FSB, PCIE, Voltage, Name”.

Asus <em>Eee</em> PC <em>901</em> Linux <em>Manual</em>

ASUS EEEPC 900 take apart video, disassemble, how to open.

ASUS Eee PC 9h normally delivered with “Asus Super Hybrid Engine” software. Profiles = 30,166,0,1000MHz – Low; 39,166,0,1300MHz – Medium; 48,166,1,1600MHz – Maximum; 51,176,1,1700MHz – Turbo Low; 54,176,1,1800MHz – Turbo Hh; Speed. Profiles = Lowest,13; Low,25; Medium,35; Brht,70; Ultra brht,100; [States] Fan. Speed=[Settings] ; ; List of modules allowed to save their state. Save = Fan; ; ; List of modules to add to system menu. ; See the table above for the list of available modules. ; FSB is the real FSB frequency (70MHz stock, 100MHz max), not the rated one which is ; this value multiplied by four, or the CPU one, which is this value multiplied by nine. ; Voltage is CPU voltage flag, 0 for Low, 1 for Normal.

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; ; Note that changing the frequency includes a step-by-step transfer through all intermediate ; values, i.e. ; List consists of blocks “Speed, C_Temp_On, C_Temp_Off”. ; C_Temp_On(used in Automatic mode) is temperature(Celsius) when this profile should be activated.

Manual eee pc 901:

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