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Another HTPC I suspect would be outta my budget and too confusing for the family to use. You mht get one for $100.00 somewhere or closer to christmas. Never played games, 0 interest in Netflix, and as mentioned, my library of movies was converted to MP4/MKV...

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Our house is split in two, I'm on one floor, family upstairs. DVD player is about 10yrs old, plays older Div X/Xvi D but that's about it.

YAMAHA CDX-<em>530</em> <em>USER</em> <em>MANUAL</em> Pdf Download.

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Problem we're having is that I run an HTPC, and converted everything I have to MP4/MKV and store all my orinals in the basement, out of sht out of mind. Was looking at something like the LG BP330 but, I guess the past year or so Cinavia has taken over.

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Sorry one more thing I'd check gamestop and ask the clerk behind the desk how much for a "fat boy" PS3. PS3's My slim burned itself up too much Darksiders 2, The "fat boys" they are not real pretty but no overheating and I've had mine for about 2 yrs which is 1 more than my slim. If not for Cinavia, I'd get another LG in a heartbeat.

Lda 530 user manual:

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