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I was hoping for something easy and simple like another DVD/Bluray player, plays what they already have and can quickly drop a movie to USB and bring it up to watch.

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Looked at stuff like the WD TV, but no DVD drive and apparently the current model no longer has DTS decoding. So far, seems that upgrading them won't really change the scenario. plays mp4 and mkv about $50 more than $88.00 but non-regional coding also it plays everything you want.

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Latent Diricet allocation - pedia

Another HTPC I suspect would be outta my budget and too confusing for the family to use. You mht get one for $100.00 somewhere or closer to christmas. Never played games, 0 interest in Netflix, and as mentioned, my library of movies was converted to MP4/MKV...

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And although I own the discs, I'm assuming the LG BP330 would probably not allow me to play anything. Contains netflix and what not its pretty much entertainment in a box I doubt sony is planning on cutting support or any vendor so this is probably your best bet, oh and its easy to use. which means the PS3 won't play most of them because of Cinavia.

Lda 530 user manual:

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