Sunpak ni-cad battery charger instruction manual

Sunpak 1809 QBC-5 Charger for Rapid

Sunpak uses different power sources on their hh-power handle mount (a.k.a. The most common is the battery basket that holds 4 or 6 AA or C batteries depending on the type of the unit.

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One can insert Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal-Hydride rechargeable batteries instead of the primary cells, this way reducing the "consumables" costs at the expense of the smaller number of flashes per battery set.

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NC510 and TR-II PAK use the same connection to the flash and the same outlook as the orinal Powerpak but, being rechargeable, are more economical.

Sunpak QBC-5 Charger and CL2 Battery for

Sunpak sells Ni-Cd battery packs named CL-2 for their flashes that utilize 6 AA-cells, and CL-3 for their 622 series (4 C-cells). As such battery became obsolete, the Poverpak has been superseded with the NC510 and later the TR-II PAK, which utilizes 10 Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries as a power source, and a powerful (more capable than the one in the flash) transistor inverter.

Sunpak ni-cad battery charger instruction manual:

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