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It's been heavily marketed, and a lot of efforts went into the Flash web desn, including hy informative video clips.

So, Who is the Siren? Starbucks Coffee Company

Home espresso machines are sort of like personal computers. Pretty soon you’re feeling like an espresso machine Luddite. No sooner had I finished testing five machines—two, the Sirena and the Lattissima, were so new they weren’t even on the market yet—than I heard about the Francis Francis X7, touted as a revolutionary new machine from Illy, which, wouldn’t you know it, turned out to make the best espresso.

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BMW builds Ultimate Espresso Machine for Starbucks -

The $599 modified Saeco machine is pump driven with a pressurized portafilter and allows uer to "auto-tamp" their drinks.

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A barista noticed my intrue and piped up with excitement, telling me it was desned by BMW.

Starbucks sirena user manual:

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