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I found this link on the net: If you can split the case, why can you not just replace the battery. Oh ya, take the back off before you buy the replacement battery.

Polar CS Geschwindkeitsmesser W. I. N. D. ab 39,56.

-- Ernest Hemingway I know that polar says to send the unit back to them for a battery change, but can this be done by a handy person? Just make sure, when you put the back cover back on, the seal is tht, by thtening the screws in turn a little at a time.

<strong>Polar</strong> S625X, <strong>Polar</strong> S725X user <strong>manual</strong>

Polar CS Speed Sensor W. I. N. D. with Twist Bike Mount.

I have never taken one apart myself yet, but want to know why the battery in that picture cannot be replaced if you are able to get the board out? My owners manual said it took one size of battery, and the unit took a different size.

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I work on computers for a living and have repaired laptops and palm pilots. If so, if you are careful and there is a way to get that battery holder off, I see this as a non issue. Do you have the CS or S series cadence and speed sensors?

Polar wind speed sensor manual:

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