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Tools, Knowledge and Part Numbers As a proud and perhaps frugal Kubota equipment owner, you have decided to take some of the servicing, repair and maintenance of your orange equipment onto your own shoulders.

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The rht tools, some like minded friends and correct part numbers go along way. The advice – that too is freely available if you pop into our forums and ask around. Part numbers for consumables like filters, fluids or clutches are easy to discover but what if you need to rebuild the entire steering box?

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What if you are not exactly sure what the broken pieces in your hand are but you know you need a new one? More Than Part Numbers Parts manuals are actually not only just for sourcing part numbers.

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We use them to help diagnose and plan our dis-assembly and reassembly because they feature exploded-view diagrams, essentially giving us “x-ray vision”.

Kubota bx1500 parts manual:

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