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An ocean general circulation model (OGCM) is Meteorological Research Institute Community Ocean Model (MRI. Compared to the previous system, the model domain is expanded to the global ocean including the Arctic Ocean with the use of tri-polar horizontal coordinates (Fure 1).

On the Consistent Scaling of Terms in the Sea-Ice Dynamics Equation

The physical schemes in the model are improved, for instance, tracer advection scheme by conservation of second-order moments (Prather 1986) and vertical mixing of the turbulence closure scheme (Noh and Kim 1999).

Activation of the operational ecohydrodynamic model - GMDD

CESM1.0 CICE Documentation

The newly introduced sea-ice model describes both thermodynamics and dynamics.

Sea-ice models for climate study retrospective and new directions

The system has been upgraded several times up to now (Table 1). COM-G2 (Multivariate Ocean Variational Estimation / Meteorological Research Institute Community Ocean Model - Global version 2), which is developed at MRI. COM is an ocean primitive equation model with σ-z hybrid vertical coordinates to allow freely elevating surfaces.

Hunke cice reference manual:

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