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The system consists of an objective analysis scheme (MOVE) and an ocean general circulation model (MRI. The output, along with the atmospheric analysis, is also used as an initial condition of a coupled ocean-atmosphere model for ENSO prediction and seasonal forecast. The horizontal resolution is 0.5º latitude and 1.0º longitude except for the 15ºS - 15ºN band, where the latitudinal grid spacing decreases to the minimum of 0.3º between 6ºS and 6ºN (Fure 1). Ishizaki, 2012: Barrier layer and relevant variability of the salinity field in the equatorial Pacific estimated in an ocean reanalysis experiment.

A hh-resolution ocean and sea-ice modelling system for the Arctic.

And the model has 52 vertical levels and a bottom boundary layer, 23 of which are placed above 200 meters (Fure 2).

On the Consistent Scaling of Terms in the Sea-Ice Dynamics Equation


The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has operated a global ocean data assimilation system since 1995 to monitor El Niño and Southern Oscillation (ENSO) conditions.

On the Consistent Scaling of Terms in the Sea-Ice Dynamics Equation

The physical schemes in the model are improved, for instance, tracer advection scheme by conservation of second-order moments (Prather 1986) and vertical mixing of the turbulence closure scheme (Noh and Kim 1999).

Hunke cice reference manual:

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