Hp 8350b sweep oscillator manual

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This is a HP/Agilent 8350B Sweep Oscillator with 83545A RF Plug-in, new battery pack, and operation/maintenance manual.

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The HP 8350B has three methods of changing function values: control knobs, keyboard entry, or step key entry. These markers, combined with the hh resolution dital readout, make the accurate location of important frequency responses easy.

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B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe Discontinued - Support.

Frequency accuracy is easily enhanced by using the HP 5343A counter to count the START, STOP, or ACTIVE MARKER frequencies.

HP/Agilent Sweep Oscillator 8350B and

Besides the popular HP 83500-series RF plug-ins, the HP 8350B also accepts the HP 86200-series plug-ins via the HP 11869A adapter.

Hp 8350b sweep oscillator manual:

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