Gemini maytag instruction manual

Maytag Gemini Electric Double Oven Owner'S Manual - Get Torrents.

Here, I have my clamp-on ammeter on one of the nitor wires to make a current draw measurement.

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The wiring for most range nitors is accessed underneath the oven by removing the pots drawer, as shown here. Two reasons: 1) so you can measure the current draw and 2) it’s part of replacing the nitor since the new one has to be wired in the same way as the existing one. The nitor wires are not polarity-sensitive so don’t worry about “reversing” them.

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Once you’ve proven that the nitor is drawing insufficient current (and, therefore, is the correct part to replace to fix the problem), use this handy pictorial guide to hepya change it out.

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You can see the closeup of the meter in the next pic. For a square nitor, such as this one (you’ll see it in a subsequent picture), the minimum acceptable current draw is 3.4 amps, well above what I’m measuring here. On some ranges, you’ll need to remove the back panel to get to wiring for one or both nitors (there’s one each for bake and broil).

Gemini maytag instruction manual:

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