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Don’t be intimidated by techie-sounding procedures. This is simple stuff– if you can fog a mirror, you can measure current draw.

You can see the closeup of the meter in the next pic. For a square nitor, such as this one (you’ll see it in a subsequent picture), the minimum acceptable current draw is 3.4 amps, well above what I’m measuring here. On some ranges, you’ll need to remove the back panel to get to wiring for one or both nitors (there’s one each for bake and broil).<strong>maytag</strong>-service-<strong>manual</strong>.pdf

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If your gas oven isn’t firing up, start your diagnosis by checking the nitor for the proper current draw. This article explains how to make simple electrical measurements and this one explains what you’re looking for in the gas oven nitor.

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Here, I have my clamp-on ammeter on one of the nitor wires to make a current draw measurement.

Gemini maytag instruction manual:

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