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Instead, it’s a game that grabs as many of the best elements as it can from pioneering titles, throws them in the blender, and makes something entertaining from the mix.

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In fact, it’s a challenge not to think of Valve’s masterpiece while playing Area 51, particularly when the initial squad-based levels, with battle hardened shock troops overwhelmed by alien adversaries, won’t be unfamiliar to anyone who played the Half-Life mission pack, Opposing Force.

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In some ways, it’s this lack of hype, hubris and ambition that has made it one of the better FPS games on the Play Station 2. The central plot – things go wrong in a top-secret military-scientific installation – has been a genre staple since Doom, but if there’s any game where Area 51 owes so much of its inspiration to, it’s the orinal Half-Life.

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Area 51 is the gaming equivalent of a late 1950’s sci-fi B-movie, and when I say that, I mean it as a compliment.

Area 51 game manual for ps2:

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