Wisdot bridge design manual

Wisconsin DOT's Rawson Avenue Bridge Replacement using.

Formal establishment of Wis DOT's CSD program was December 2002, with the distribution of revisions dealing with CSD in the Facilities Development Manual (Wis DOT's hhway desn manual).

James Luebke, WisDOT - SHRP2

"Thoughts and discussions about Context Sensitive Desn (CSD) started at Wis DOT in the spring of 1998.

Final report

Final report

In the fall of 1999 Wis DOT held its first internal meeting on aesthetics and local cost share issues, which were a forerunner of Wis DOT's CSD program.

Evaluation of the Empirical Deck Desn for Vehicular Bridges

The training was provided to Wis DOT staff, consultants and local units of government. The outcomes (goals) of the Wis DOT's Community Sensitive Desn Program are as follows: Because projects can take years to complete, as of February 2004 Wis DOT has not completed any projects using the CSD process.

Wisdot bridge design manual:

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