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Two thumbs..up." --dichrome, posting on"I had the book printed and bound. The cal detail is exactly what I was looking for.

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Not like the random details presented in the Nikon user manual where u have to go from one section to the next and back again all the time.

Re Try this from a <i>Nikon</i> lens repair <i>manual</i>. <i>Nikon</i> DX SLR D40.

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The book is a very well structured and informative guide.

Nikon camera dslr disassembly strip down anti aliasing filter repair.

I was a little skeptical before reading it as I imagined it would just be a rehash of what was in the manual. There's a ton of great info in this thing (and some nifty supplemental tools too).

Nikon d100 service manual pdf:

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