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Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ for USB

All, I'm attempting to use Python and DAQmx Base to record analog input and generate analog output from my USB 6009 device.

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The differences are in how much of the hardware's capabilities are implemented by the driver -- DAQmx implements everything, while DAQmx Base is a small select subset.

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Measurement experiment, using NI USB-6008 data acquisition PDF.

There is a base class NITask which handles task generation etc. The function throws an error when I try to confure the clock. class AOTask(NITask): def __init__(self, min=0.0, max=5.0, channels=["Dev1/ao0"], timeout=10.0): NITask.__init__(self) = min = max self.channels = channels self.timeout = timeout self.clock Source ="Onboard Clock" sample Rate=100 self.sample Rate = 100 self.timeout = timeout self.samples Per Chan = 1000 Chan = chan Number(channels) if Chan is None: raise Value Error("Channel specification is invalid") chan = ", ".join(self.channels) self. DAQmx Base Create Task("",ctypes.byref(Handle))) self. All updates of analog output channels are software-timed.

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I've been using a wrapper I found and have been able to get AI but am struggling with AO. DAQmx Base Create AOVoltage Chan(Handle, "Dev1/ao0", "", float64(self.min), float64(self.max), DAQmx_Val_Volts, None)) self. DAQmx Base Cfg Samp Clk Timing(Handle, "", float64(self.sample Rate), DAQmx_Val_Rising, DAQmx_Val_Finite Samps, u Int64(self.samples Per Chan))) """Data needs to be of type ndarray""" def write(self, data): n Written = int32() # data = numpy.float64(3.25) data = data.astype(numpy.float64) self. DAQmx Base Write Analog F64(Handle, int32(1000), 0,float64(-1), DAQmx_Val_ By Channel,, None, None)) # if n Written.value ! " % Chan The NI USB-6008/6009 has two independent analog output channels that can generate outputs from 0 to 5 V.

Ni daq 6008 user manual:

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