Native instruments battery 2 manual

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Is it all John Bonham tom mayhem, or is it limper than a Kraftwerk drum solo?

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I've been an ardent fan of Native Instruments' orinal Battery sample-based software drum module since it was unveiled back in 2001.

<em>Battery</em> 4 - <em>Native</em> <em>Instruments</em>

Battery 3 - Native Instruments

It was great for slinging together a 'kit' of drum samples and for coming up with rhythms quickly, and much faster than using my old Akai hardware samplers to do the same thing.

Battery 4 - Native Instruments

The left-hand part of the Edit Pane changes according to the selections made on the tabs at the top left of the pane, as shown in the other screenshots in this article, while the display on the rht shows the waveform of the currently selected Cell for editing.

Native instruments battery 2 manual:

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