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An organization, formed for the purpose of preserving the natural environment, acquired, by gift or purchase, ecologiy snificant undeveloped land and either maintained the land itself with limited public access or transferred the land to a government conservation agency by outrht gift or reimbursement by the agency for its cost was held to qualify under IRC 501(c)(3) in Rev.

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They seek to update existing practice for more traditional art by incorporating new requirements of media art.

Your Guide to FSA Farm <strong>Loans</strong> - Farm Service Agency - USDA

Your Guide to FSA Farm Loans - Farm Service Agency - USDA

Among acquisition and exhibition, a loan constitutes another important moment within the life-span of an artwork.

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Compare with an organization that restricted its farm land to uses that do not change the environment but did not preserve land that is ecologiy snificant was denied exemption under IRC 501(c)(3) in Rev.

Loan facility set up manual:

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