Kicker 5 farad capacitor v.2 manual

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You mht also need a capacitor when the amount of power that you amp(s) requires exceeds the power-generation capabilities of your car’s electrical system, or when your vehicle is equipped with a relatively weak alternator.

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Car audio capacitors are used to filter or buffer any sudden fluctuations in a circuit’s voltage, smoothing the ensuing snal.

How To Install A Car Audio <i>Capacitor</i> - YouTube

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If you’ve upgraded your car sound system and you noticed that your vehicle has dimming headlhts when your audio system is pounding, then that’s a clue that your electrical system isn’t quite up to snuff, and therefore you need to consider buying a car audio capacitor.

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They store a temporary electrical charge that can be released later to feed your hungry amp during peak demands, which prevents your car’s lhts from dimming when loud bass notes play.

Kicker 5 farad capacitor v.2 manual:

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