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They are: Selected principles in biological science, including the cell concept, the organization of multi-cellular systems, plants and animals as organized systems, and man in relation to his environment.

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Related fields are: Anatomy/Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Evolution, and Genetics.

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Life 1010 General Biology Lab Manual Answers -

Corequisite: BSC 2010L and CHM 1045 The internal aspects of homeostasis, the inter-dependencies of specialized tissues and organ systems in the development of multi-cellular organisms, transport and absorption, gas exchange, body fluid composition control, hormonal regulation, nervous integration and behavior. The course covers fundamental ques used in the measurement of food quantities, nutrient contents of foods, and serum contents of vital nutrients. The identification, morphology and physiology of bacteria, algae, protozoa, fungi, rickettsiae, and viruses, with emphasis on the effects of their activities upon human affairs. Special attention is directed to marine communities, e.g., coral reefs, shallow grass flats, and the factors limiting the distribution of organisms within those communities.

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