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The University is committed to providing a first aid service that satisfies the University's oblations under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001.

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Health Information5.1 Staff and Student Disclosure of Medical Conditions5.2 First Aid Response Plans for Known Conditions6. To encourage activities to be undertaken that prevent injuries.

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TAID004 - Provide an emergency first aid

The legislation sets out minimum standards for first aid in the workplace and guides the workplace in determining appropriate first aid arrangements to suit the particular needs of the organisation, taking into account the types of work performed, the nature of hazards encountered, the likely injuries and illnesses that may occur, the number of people at the workplace, and the size, layout and location of the workplace. Nominated First Aid Officers2.1 Determination of Nominated First Aid Officer Needs for a Building2.2 Selection of Staff to be Appointed as Nominated First Aid Officers2.3 Training and Appointment of Nominated First Aid Officers2.4 Role of Nominated First Aid Officers2.5 Role and Appointment of Occupational First Aiders2.6 First Aid Allowance2.7 Management of Health Information2.8 Refresher Training and Competency Development for Nominated First Aid Officers2.9 Legal Protection of Nominated First Aid Officers3.

Model Code of Practice - First Aid in the

These procedures requires that all first aid injuries be treated and reported. First Aid Facilities3.1 Determining Numbers and Locations of First Aid Kits3.2 First Aid Kit Types and Contents3.3 Maintenance of First Aid Kits3.4 Determining Where First Aid Rooms are Required3.5 Responsibility for First Aid Rooms3.6 First Aid Room Requirements3.7 Other Rooms3.8 Resuscitation Equipment3.9 Specialist First Aid Supplies for Specific Hazards4.

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