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Considering the situation for music only, though, I see a split in the market. This means that, for music, we must hold on to our current audio players until a new generation of players appears or there is a reformulation of what constitutes a "universal" player.

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In fact, the NHT Controller, my review of which was published in this space exactly a year ago, was capable of only DD, DTS, and stereo PCM via HDMI.

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I had planned to feature a few intruing new products I saw at CEDIA's Expo 2007 held last September in Denver, but I did that on the Stereophile website. Sure, but HDMI can also handle multiple channels of audio in all current hh-resolution formats, including DSD and uncompressed PCM.

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Instead, I'll just tell you about the only b audio trend I saw there: HDMI. Everywhere I went at the Denver Convention Center, manufacturers were shouting that their players had HDMI outputs and their pre-pros and AVRs had multiple HDMI inputs, although what they do with the video and audio varied a lot. Now, with HDMI 1.1a handling multichannel PCM and HDMI 1.2 handling DSD, the HDMI hardware's audio capabilities are catching up to what was promised in the orinal HDMI specification.

Onkyo pr- sc885 manual:

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