Eurotherm drives 514c manual

Parker SSD 514C 4A 4Q 110V/230V/400V 1ph/2ph AC to DC.

I have been working on a few options to provide braking with only the RUN circuit by using another NO/NC switch in the ELSR tailstock which fires a single-shot timed relay when the RUN circuit is switched off.

Parker SSD 514C, 4Q DC Drive - 1PH, 110-500VAC - 16A Output.

To brake 4Q dynamiy, RUN must be switched on, and the speed set-point pot used to ' for' braking.

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Parker SSD 514C 8A 4Q 110V/230V/400V 1ph/2ph AC to DC.

If the lathe is switched off with my ELSR lever RUN circuit, the spindle coasts to a stop without any braking function at all.

Parker SSD 514C 16A 4Q 110V/230V/400V 1ph/2ph AC to DC.

The fact that the single set-point pot provides both speed and the braking and stop commands is somewhat of a dilemma.

Eurotherm drives 514c manual:

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