E tower 533ir manual

Power Supply Compatibility List - Evercase Technology

Note that the position of the switch, fan or power inlet may make fitting impossible due to the shape of the PSU cut out (PSU hole) on your chassis.

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Its also comes with a 24pin extension which may be required for wider NAS boxes. See installation instructions here This compatibility list is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge.

Power Supply Compatibility List - Evercase Technology

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However, it is only a guide to help you find a suitable PSU and we cannot guarantee compatibility at 100%.

Power Supply Replacements -

Order the orinal 100mm wide 1U PSU (with or without switch) here DP-1U25 DP-1U50P85 DPS-350QB-2B Emac 6MPW-150B029 Emacs DP1H-6400F Emacs H1H-6500P Emacs H1H-6507P Emacs H1M-5607V Emacs H1M-5707V Emacs H1M-6607P Emacs M1W-6500P Emacs MPW-6200F Emacs MPW-6230F Emacs P1A-6250P Emacs P1A-6300P Emacs P1G-6250P Emacs P1G-6300P Emacs P1H-5400V Emacs P1H-5500V Emacs P1H-5550V Emacs P1H-6350P Emacs P1H-6400P Emacs P1S-5300V Emacs P1U-6150P FSAK 1U Series FSP250-50PLB(1U) (100mm wide) FSP250-50PLB1UR FSP250-601U FSP250-701UH FSP250-701UJ FSP250-701US FSP300-601U FSP300-601UD FSP300-701UH FSP300-701UJ FSP300-701US FSP350-601U FSP350-701UH FSP350-701UJ FSP350-701US FSP500-80BU In Win IP-P300F1-0 MPW-6180F P1H-5400V PSG300C-80 PWS-281-1H SP423-1S Sparkle 9PA1500718 Sparkle 9PA2001728 Sparkle 9PA250BX01 Sparkle 9PA4004302 Sparkle 9PA5006101 Sparkle SPI2501UH Sparkle SPI2501UH-B204 Sparkle SPI4001UG Sparkle SPI4001UG-B204 Sparkle SPI500U4BG Sparkle SPI500U4BG-ZTG SPI2501UH-B204 SPI3001UH-B204 SPI300U4BB SPI3501UH-B204 SPI500U4BB-B204 SPI500U4BG-ZTG SS-1U40ES SS-1U46ES SS-1U52ES SS-1U60EL SS-400H1U ST-250UAG TC-1U25 TC-1U25P80 TC-1U30 TC-1U30P80 TC-1U35 TC-1U35P80 TC-1U40 TC-1U40P80 TC-1U46P80 XYCOM 3715KPM Zippy P1A-6250P Zippy P1G-6300P REXP-1000 Pro TS-1079 Pro TS-809 Pro Turbo NAS TS-851 TS-853 Pro TS-853 Pro-8G TS-859 Pro TS-859 Pro Turbo NAS TS-859 Pro TS-859 Pro Turbo NAS TS-869 Pro TS-869L TS-870 TS-870 Pro TS-879 Pro TS-EC1080 Pro TS-EC880 Pro TS-ECX80 PRO TS-X79 PRO TVS-871T TVS-EC1080 TVS-EC1080 TVS-EC880 TVS-ECX80 NAS Vio Stor VS-8024 NVR Vio Stor VS-8032 NVR Vio Stor VS-8040 Vio Stor VS-8040 NVRAC35357 Acer PY.2200.001 Acer PY.22009.003 Acer PY.22009.006 Acer PY.22009.007 Acer PY.22009.008 Acer PY.22009.009 Acer PY.22009.010 Acer PY.2200B.001 Acer PY.2200B.002 Acer PY.2200B.003 Acer PY.2200F.006 Acer PY.220B.011 Acer PY2200B002 Acer PY2200B011 Acer PY2200F006 Chicony CPB09-D220A Chicony CPB09-D220R CPB09-D220E CPB09-D220R DPS-220UB DPS-220UB A DPS-220UB-3 A H220AS-00 HK320-81FP HK320-82FP HU220AS-00 HU220NS-00 L220AS-00 L220NS-00Acer Aspire X5950 Acer Aspire Z3100 Acer Aspire Z3101 Acer Aspire Z3730 Acer Aspire Z3731 Acer Aspire Z3751 Acer Aspire Z3761 Acer Aspire Z5101 Acer Aspire Z5751 Acer Aspire Z5760 Acer Aspire Z5761 Acer Power FH Acer PY.22009.003 Acer PY.22009.006 Acer PY.2200B.001 Acer Veriton 3500 Acer Veriton 3500G Acer Veriton X270 Acer Veriton X275 Acer Veriton X480G e Machines EL1200 e Machines EL1210 e Machines EL1200-05w e Machines EL1200-06w e Machines EL1200-07w e Machines EL1210 e Machines EL1210-01e e Machines EL1300 e Machines EL1300G e Machines EL1300G-01w e Machines EL1300G-02w e Machines EL1321 e Machines EL1331 e Machines EL1331G e Machines EL1333 e Machines EL1333G e Machines EL1352 e Machines EL1352-07e e Machines EL1352G e Machines EL1358 e Machines EL1358G e Machines EL1600 e Machines EL1700 e Machines EL1833 e Machines EL1850 e Machines EL1850G e Machines EL1852 e Machines EL1852G Gateway One Z3760 Gateway One ZX4931 Gateway One ZX4951 Gateway One ZX6951 Gateway SX2300 Gateway SX2310 Gateway SX2311 Gateway SX2370 Gateway SX2800 Gateway SX2800-01 Gateway SX2800-03 Gateway SX2801 Gateway SX2802 Gateway SX2840 Gateway SX2841 Gateway SX2850 Gateway SX2851 Gateway SX2855 Veriton 3500 PENTIUM 4 SERIES Veriton 3500G PENTIUM 4 SERIES Veriton X270 Veriton X275 Veriton X480G Veriton X270 This replacement PSU comes with 24, 12 & 8pin connectors.

E tower 533ir manual:

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