Dep water design manual

Guidelines for the Desn, Construction, Operation, and.

A proprietary system must be live-tested for a variety of storm lengths and intensities.

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A system or practice desned for the treatment of stormwater runoff from a new development has to meet all requirements of Chapter 500, Stormwater Management Law to be considered equivalent to any of the suggested structures found in this volume.

Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices

Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices

Flow-through or hybrid systems that do not store the water quality volume prior to treatment must be sized so that they treat the entire volume of the 0.95 inch Type III 24 hour storm without bypass.

FDEP - Statewide Stormwater Treatment Rule Development

Filtration systems that store and treat a volume of water must be sized to store and treat 1.0 inch of runoff from the contributing impervious area and 0.4 inches of runoff from contributing landscaped areas.

Dep water design manual:

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