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A thing that's puzzled me, why doens't linode become a CPanel/Pleask reseller, they offer special virtualiaztion plans and it would make things simple on the user if they could include a cpanel stack script setup with their node at a slhtly hher monty costwell, yeah, I don't use any control panels, I'm jsut thinking out loud that it may be beneficial and could get the ma whole new of users whom mht not even have considered a self managed vps before Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Linode IRC Logs for 2010-07-14

Linode IRC Logs for 2010-07-14

On average, a Linode 512 host has 40 Linodes on it. Linode 1024 host: 20 Linodes; Linode 1536 host: 15; Linode 2048 host: 10; Linode 4096: 5.

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We adjust the number of slots on each host according to its resources and hardware specification.

Bellsouth owners manual 891b:

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