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Whether they will admit it or not, all chefs have a favorite knife or knives, and that is because there is a very distinct sense of pleasure when you are able to chop an onion and the layers do not slide every which way as you cut through them, or cut through a large potato like it was butter.

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We are going to talk about all the different types of knives that are at a cook’s disposal in another article, but for now we are going to stick to the one thing that all knives eventually need: a knife sharpener.

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If we had to choose a knife sharpener that we think would satisfy even the expectations of a ninja, we would choose the Chef’s Choice 4643 Pronto Pro.

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But for someone who is interesting in being a cook, and not a professional knife sharpener, we recommend what has come to be a traditional manual sharpener.

Accusharp manual knife sharpener:

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