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Multilingualism represents a challenge and an opportunity in that terminology is made available in WIPO Pearl in unusual language combinations and in languages in which terminology has to date had little currency.

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I decided to run a world survey via AIIC on this particular aspect of the profession.

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She has been working at WIPO since 2010 and her main tasks involve the desn and development of terminology resources and guidelines, and terminology workflow management. From 2002 to 2010, Cristina Valentini also worked as a researcher at the University of Bologna in topics such as terminology and simultaneous interpreting, occupational health and safety terminology, harmonization of data categories in multilingual and multidisciplinary terminology databases, multimedia corpora desn, application of corpus linguistics methods to audiovisual translation research, and child language brokering.1. It all started in the early 2000s when I was graduating from the Advanced School of Modern Languages of the University of Bologna at Forlí (former SSLMIT, now DIT – Department of Interpretation and Translation).

Differences in the patent system in US and Europe consequences.

You have a Ph D in Multimedia Corpora and Audiovisual Translation from the University of Bologna. Back then, I was required to choose an innovative subject of investation for my Master’s dissertation in conference interpreting and found out that little had been written on terminology and interpreting, and particularly the terminology needs of simultaneous interpreters in the booth.

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