Smith and wesson 915 9mm manual

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Smith metal frame pistols were amoung the best for duty use.

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The 59 had a 15 rd capacity so firepower was one of it's advantages in combat scenarios or for PPC competition.

Looking For The Value Of A <i>Smith</i> & <i>Wesson</i> Model

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The Model 915 is a value enhanced Third Generation pistol. Not a bad CCW piece with the rht holster and a shirt.

Looking For The Value Of A Smith & Wesson Model

If you added aftermarket grips, shts, or had it plated, then you mht get $25-$50 more. They are selling used police trade ins on gunbroker for $230 but they are beat to heck.

Smith and wesson 915 9mm manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates