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The Squeezebox music system orinated with a company ed Slim Devices and consisted of open source music streaming server software and hardware players which you connected over wired Ethernet or later Wi-Fi.

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The blurb on the box says this: Turn it on, connect to your Wi-Fi network and instantly have access to thousands of free internet radio stations from around the world, online music services, as well as the music stored on your computer.

<i>Logitech</i> <i>Squeezebox</i> <i>Boom</i> All-in-One Network.

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Other products in the new UE range – headphones, wireless speakers – have nothing to do with Squeezebox.

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Squeezebox build up an enthusiastic following, and in 2006 the company was acquired by Logitech which set about bringing the system to a wider market. Products like the Squeezebox Touch, reviewed here, won acclaim for their hh sound quality and the flexibility of the system, but the weak point has always been that setup is too complex and quirky to win over the mass market.

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