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I took it to the shop once to have a more thorough service although was having no problems and they changed my belts, blades and one pulley. The bagger clogs a little too often if grass is damp or I get a small stick or debris. Both of mine are driven by adults and serviced at regular intervals by myself. Apparently an O rings malfunctioned and the dealer, Central Jersey Equipment says this is because of nece on my part.

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I still own an L105 purchased around 2006 and this unit mows an acre and a half about twice a month. Neither unit is perfect but if I were rating just for dependability only I would have to give both five stars. Pierce, FL : 772-461-5568 or Rose ** to contact direct them and find-out on your own. I don't know why you all are having so many problems with your John Deere LA125. I purchased a new john deere 1023E on August 7, 2016 for $17922.50 with all the attachments.

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In checking the reviews at the time John Deere seemed to have fewer deck problems than the rest so I went with it. Complete chaotic KOS with John Deere HR Department!!! They run like mama's and papa's shop rather than any business! If you need more info contact them with Mitch at their dealership in Ft. It don't have to be Brgs brand; any brand and I cut half acre once a week steep hill to.

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In ten years I have performed the oil changes and replaced the battery a few times. I have done the services myself and have had no other issues with maintenance. The only thing that I do not like about this one is that when I am turning no matter how slht it cuts at an angle. I looked at some of the reviews and wonder what they are doing. I used it for less than 3 hours and the machine malfunctioned causing damage to my property.

John deere zero turn z425 manual:

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