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87% of people in the Arab world used in 2015 84% of people in the Arab world used Whats App in 2015 39% of people in the Arab world used You Tube in 2015 34% of people in the Arab world used Instagram in 2015 32% of people in the Arab world used Twitter in 2015 Mobile broadband connections will account for almost 70% of the global base by 2020.

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Broadband Internet, smartphones, hand-held connected devices and virtual socializing apps such as are connecting people to people, businesses to buyers and governments to the governed.

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Smartphone penetration in the GCC averages 126% compared with 71% in the selected developed economies In the GCC, LTE penetration is at 16% compared to 44%, in the US and Canada, and machine-to-machine penetration at less than 3% compared to nearly 12% in the US and Canada.

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In 2014, the mobile industry generated 3.8% of global gross domestic product (GDP), a contribution that amounts to more than $3 trillion of economic value across 236 countries.

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