Spider valve mkii hd100 manual

Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 MKII 100W Guitar Amp Head.

The 100-watt guitar amp head offers the best of both worlds: brawny, boutique-style tube tone and the latest, most advanced Line 6 amp modeling with complete flexibility and deep editing.

Spider Valve MkII -

A groundbreaking collaboration between Line 6 and Reinhold Bogner, the principal desner at Bogner Amplification.

A quick walk-through of the Line 6 Tube <strong>Spider</strong> <strong>Valve</strong> <strong>MKII</strong> Gain.

DISCONTINUED Line 6 Spider Valve HD100.

The Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 Mk II 100W Guitar Amp Head is the result of a groundbreaking collaborative effort between living-legend amp desner Reinhold Bogner and renowned amp-modeling upstarts Line 6.

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Get in front of sparkling clean tones inspired by a Hiwatt Custom 100, syrupy smooth drive tones inspired by a mix of a '65 Marshall JTM-45, a '58 Fender Bassman and a '63 Fender Vibroverb, British pop/rock tones inspired by a Vox AC-30 Top Boost, hh-gain onslaughts inspired by a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier and a Diezel Herbert, Class A crunch inspired by a Divided by 13 9/15, classic Class A breakup inspired by an Orange AD-30, and more!

Spider valve mkii hd100 manual:

Rating: 95 / 100

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