Saltwater system cs8110 manual

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FYI - my pool is 17,000 gallons Tip: you want to keep your salt level as low as your corinator will work at. My advice to anyone thinking of buying one of these Intex products is to stay away or upgrade to another manufacturer.

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I spent close to probably $700 that year on chemicals not to mention all the trips to the pool store. Get your water to the rht salinity and turn this thing on. The only downside is that you have to clean the cylinder about every 6 weeks to two months. You turn off your pool pump, switch the filter to "winter", and disconnect the cylinder (only 4 screws). Support center is located in China.( Hard to understand the tech and after asking her to transfer me to her supervisor she informed me her boss doesn't speak English.) Support center emailed me a form to fill out and download pics of said problem. Upon receiving form I could not download pics and Noted this in the form.

Intex Krystal Clear <i>Saltwater</i> <i>System</i> with E. C. O.

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Put the cap on one end (comes with it) and pour distilled white vinegar in it and let is sit over nht. ed support a week and a half later and was told that I had to do about 10 different things on a website and then I would be sent another plate.

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One day the corine was fine, the next - no corine at all (full sun). No joke, I have not bought or used test strips in 2 years.

Saltwater system cs8110 manual:

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