Military manual on cd rom

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Operation is very simple; open the door, place the media in the unit label side up, close the door; turn the built-in handle and in a few seconds the data has been removed from the disc. Because the process does not touch the clamping area, the remaining disc can be positively identified thus eliminating the need for destruction logs and witnesses, just return the disc as absolute proof of destruction. However, DVD labels must be manually split from the disc before the unit can sand down the data layers.

Your OMPF on CD-ROM - US Navy

The DX-CDm is desned for the manual destruction of CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

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World War II Military Field Manuals - Paperless

The hub ring or clamping area of the disc remains untouched thus allowing for confirmation of destruction.

Boatanchor manuals - VIR History

It is desned to be used in ships, aircraft, fhting vehicles, and field units.

Military manual on cd rom:

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