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We're very interested in making sure that you get the most out of your Insnia products, and that includes using your third-party universal remote controls. Also, your universal remote control should have a code search or learning feature that will help you find a working code.

Philips Magnavox Universal Remote Code -

(The Universal Remote Control sub-page)Under the large number 1 in the left menu, Click on United States URC Models Wait for page to refresh, then choose "My remote control starts with SRU"Choose SRU 3007 A link to the product manual will show up.

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Although the sticker in the battery compartment says CL035A, the model of the remote is actually a SRU3007. Here are the links: Complete Owner's Manual, including instructions for programming the remote, and a list of all of the codes: Navation Instructions for the Wary: If you are skeptical about clicking through to links found on Answers (I know I was), you can simply visit:

Remote Control Program Codes

If you're still having trouble finding a code -- or your remote control is not listed above -- we want to help.

Instruction manual philips universal remote cl035a:

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